We use wood from local suppliers. All of the wood used in our workshop is pre-cut. Naturally, there are knots and impressions in the wood and not all of the pieces are perfectly straight or shaped. Please note that due to unique personalization, your design may vary slightly from the examples seen on our website or social media pages.We sometimes (not always) have some extra boards on hand if you would like to swap one out, but please keep in mind that these designs are meant to have a beautiful rustic/shabby chic/antique look.




Our paints are water based latex-acrylic type paint. The paint has a lasting durability and allows creative use and dries quickly.

We use both oil and water based stains. Water-based stains dry very quickly and allow wood characteristics to show while enabling color for the background of your piece. Oil-based stains take longer to dry but enhance woods natural beauty.  



We use basic hardware available from our local retailers, colors and materials may vary depending on current supply.