• Do you offer a class?

We do not offer instructional "classes" at Junkin Gypsies Conroe, we are a guided workshop. When you sign up, YOU select the date and time, keep in mind the duration of the workshop may last up to 4 hours. 

  • What is a Junkin Gypsies workshop?

Its a fun and creative wood pallet  workshop.  Our workshops are designed for everyone to enjoy! We'll guide you through steps from start to finish to ensure a great finished project. Gather a few friends and come relax, enjoy and create with one another.  You'll have a great time and leave with a beautiful art piece that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

  • What if I don't know what to make?  

Refer to our Junkin Gypsies Conroe Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our Junkin Gypsies Conroe Pinterest page for inspiring ideas.

  •  I know what I want to make.  What do I do now?

Step 1: Check the "Junkin Gypsies Conroe Bookings Calendar" tab to see if your desired date is available, dates that are marked CLOSED or PRIVATE are unavailable and open dates are subject to change. The calendar is updated frequently.

Step 2: Register for a workshop by completing and submitting the form on the "Workshop Registration" Page. 

Step 3:  Pay $20 deposit to hold your spot at the desired workshop.  Each individual attendee will need a deposit of $20 to secure their space.  The deposit will then be applied towards the total cost of the workshop project.

A confirmation email will be sent.

Step 4:  Email a photo of your desired project to junkingypsiesconroe@gmail.com.  Indicate the desired size (available sizes are listed in our "Project Prices" tab). Please note: We will try to closely match the font and design style.  In the event  your desired design is copyrighted, we will accommodate  with alternative design choices.

  • How long does a workshop last?  

Typically a workshop lasts 3-4 hrs. (However, due to the layering of paints or stains, additional drying time may be required.)

  • Do you serve food?  

No.  Due to health inspection rules and regulations, we do not offer food.  However, we invite you to bring your own favorite snacks and beverages.

  • What is an open workshop?  

During open workshops, only select projects will be available.   Walk-ins are welcome!  Pre-registration is highly preferred but not required.

  • What do I wear?  

Wear comfortable clothing and keep in mind that you will be painting, hammering and sanding. Aprons are available.  However, aprons may not protect from all stains and paints.

  • Can my friend come and help?  

Due to limited space in our workshop, NO project sharing permitted, unless the workshop has been designated as a project share workshop. Invite them to register and make a project of their own.

  • Are children allowed?  

Due to the materials used during the workshops, no children under the age of sixteen are permitted unless workshop is designated for children. We do offer Children's Workshops for birthday parties and other special events, just click on the Children's Workshop tab for more info.

  • What kind of wood do you use?

We use wood from local suppliers. All of the wood used in our workshop is pre-cut. Naturally, there are knots and impressions in the wood and not all of the pieces are perfectly straight or shaped. Please note that due to unique personalization, your design may vary slightly from the examples seen on our website or social media pages.We sometimes (not always) have some extra boards on hand if you would like to swap one out, but please keep in mind that these designs are meant to have a beautiful rustic/shabby chic/antique look.